Screenie is a utility for taking screenshots of your Windows desktop. With Screenie, you can automatically send your screenshots to a FTP site, disk, or to the Windows clipboard. Image editing such as cropping (trimming), resizing, and highlighting are also included.

Feature List
  • Supports compressed image formats: GIF / JPEG / PNG / BMP / TIFF
  • DirectX and OpenGL support
  • Dual-screen / multiple-monitor support
  • Image editing including resizing and cropping
  • Highlighter tool
  • FTP support
  • Screenie can automatically save your images to disk, with a customized file name
  • Extremely simple and straight-forward
  • Automatically generate thumbnails and other image variations
  • ImageShack support (experimental)

Bug Fix FTP path & URL could be out of sync before. Fixed.
Bug Fix FTP paths were being miscalculated
Bug Fix Other minor fixes
Download Screenie- (1.35 MB)
MD5 DB533B63DBE296BE3C789FFEF872DA55


Bug Fix This build replaces build 1.237 due to a crash.
Feature Added HSV info to info panel
Feature New toolbar layout
Feature You can now select destinations on the crop window
Feature Added keyboard shortcuts for zooming (helpful if you don't have a mouse wheel)
Feature Local directories are automatically created for you if they don't already exist
Feature Changed the way destination paths work; now you can add formatting all parts of the path, not just the filenames
Bug Fix Fixed broken keyboard shortcuts on crop window
Bug Fix Minor GUI fixes and improvements
Download Screenie- (1.35 MB)
MD5 DF9E72A39C2F0F1D19FBE970F0181F5D


Feature Added support for URL shortening using
Download Screenie- (1.34 MB)
MD5 46703F4EC209804BB21D295836A9FEA3


Bug Fix Fixed selection rect info box on the image edit window
Feature better formatting of file sizes
Feature Added info box update toggling on the image edit window (so you can lock the values there)
Feature Info box is now an edit box, so you can copy the text on the image edit window
Feature Changed some GUI labels
Download Screenie- (1.33 MB)
MD5 0650E854876E9465094E367EDC367DBF

Feature release


Feature New antialiased highlighter tool (Click on the 'H' in the crop window).
Feature Added Set timer feature
Bug Fix Better synchronization between preview and edit window
Bug Fix FTP / Imageshack progress indication is smoother
Bug Fix Other minor regression fixes
Download Screenie- (1.32 MB)
MD5 3876FBE96E205E7B531C73BC48926AB3